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Published: 20th June 2011
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The 12th China automobile accessories and refit vehicle exhibition had held in Beijing international exhibition center on 2011 February 25–27th. Meitrack GPS trackers had been ceremoniously showed in this exhibition.

Last October, Meitrack’s CEO, Mr. Liuke Jian had accepted an interview from Shenzhen life channel in Meitrack’s headquarter Shenzhen about MT88 won electronic product innovation design award, Mr. Liu again shared Meitrack’s marketing strategy "Focus on brand?quality?image" Driven by the strategy, Meitrack hired professional designers to design all artwork like brochure?flyer that can fully support new product development and publication. The biggest branding promotional platform, new Meitrack website( been finished in February, 2011. Besides intensify the efforts on network promotion, Meitrack utilize the print media and take part in professional exhibitions like China automobile accessories and refit vehicle products exhibition to present its marketing strategy and strengthen the branding.

The 12th automobile accessories exhibition was come up to Car Show that eight exhibition malls had been firstly perfectly showed at the same time. Almost all the lines of business manufacturers had been in this exhibition. Automobile refitting hall covered different kinds of refitting vehicle and attracted nearly 10 thousand enthusiasts.

Meitrack had showed its charm to the public in this exhibition and gained high praise from the market based on its integrated promotional strategy, they had reached a consensus with franchises as follows:

  • Brand image support

Meitrack provides corporation partners with strong brand support to explore the local market that include activities planning?solutions on competing products?relevant promo?user manual and advertisement support.

  • Management Support

Meitrack provides corporation partners with GPS industry service management system, industry service standard and operation guidance as well as assists partners to establish operation system and improve business development abilities. Also, Meitrack helps to monitor and standardize the market to protect partners’ legal benefit and profit according to strict area profit protecting policies.

  • Products Source Support

Meitrack delivers the appointed products to corporation partners on time after receiving the payment to make sure the project at a smooth situation.

  • Technical Support 

  Meitrack provides corporation partners with personal technical support?customer service and solution according to different area’s characteristic.

  • After Sales Support

Meitrack provides corporation partners with strictly-tested products; all products are guaranteed against mechanical failure after installation.

  • Training Support

All corporation partners will have technical training on sales skills,GPS industry status,technology and so on by sales,engineer, and representatives from monitoring center.

  • Solutions Support

Meitrack provides corporation partners with GPS car solutions that covers bus,taxies,logistic cars,coaches,cars with dangerous goods,private cars and so on. It offers partners with personal solutions based on different project background.

Opportunities are always for those who are well prepared, it also needs vision?strategy and driving force when it comes in a lightning speed. Capitalize on the strengths, be innovative and creative, and forge an excellent identity that strikes the market. Driven by "Focus on brand,quality,image", Meitrack is ready and sincerely seeking for your cooperation .

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